Our Stephen Ministry at Ellijay FUMC will be expanding soon as a new Training Class will begin!

If you are interested in becoming a Stephen Minster please fill out a dark yellow brochure located in the church office, outside the church office and in the Narthex. Place your completed form in the locked, confidential box and one of the Stephen Ministers will contact you.

“Stephen Ministry training combines sound theological principles with contempo-rary psychology,” says Pastor Thom, who, along with Stephen Leaders Gwen & John, will teach the class. “The skills of our Stephen Ministers learn and practice prepare them to provide a very high level of Christian caregiving. The training is intense because it explores some serious life issues, but it is also a growth-producing and enjoyable experience.”

The 50 hours of Stephen Ministry training is broken down into twenty-five two hour sessions. Among the training topics are: Feelings: Yours, Mine, and Ours; The Art of Listen-ing; Distinctively Christian Caring; Assertiveness: Relating Gently and Firmly; Maintaining Boundaries, in Caregiving; Confidentiality; Ministering to Those Experiencing Grief; Caring for People before, during, and after Hospitalization.

More than a half million people have gone through Stephen Ministry training in more than 10,000 churches world wide since the ministry began in 1975. People whose needs might otherwise slip through the cracks are coming face to face with Jesus’ love through their Stephen Minister. Our new class will help us touch that many more lives with the Gospel.

Please lift up the training class in your prayers over the coming months and watch for regular training class updates in the Sunday bulletin.

Gwen Scarth ~~ gwenyth.allen@gmail.com ~~ 706-258-8757

John VanNamen ~~ vannamenjohn@gmail.com ~~ 219-670-3057